Brief for creation of animation roller
What is the NAME of your company?
What this video would be about?
What is the name of your PRODUCT/SERVICE/EVENT?
DESCRIBE it briefly (add also its value or goal)?
List the BENEFITS:
Whats THE GOAL of this video (WHERE will it be posted)?
Do you need a CALL TO ACTION at the end of the video?
How must information be given in a roller?
Write the MOTTO of your company:
Do you need a VOICE OVER?
The DETAILS of the voice over:
INTONATION of the voice over:
What LANGUAGE will the video be in?
Do you need a SUBTITLES (extra)?
What is the DURATION of the video?
What kind of A VIDEO FORMAT do you need?
Your WEBSITE address (link)?
Any examples of style you like (link to the videos/images):
Any additional information that will help us create the video (describe here or share the link)
Where you prefer to COMMUNICATE?
Fill information:
And we will collect you the nearest time :)