Brief for creation
of animation roller
Name of your COMPANY and PRODUCT or SERVICE to be advertised?
What is the MAIN PAIN of our Target Audience? What can attract TAs attention?
Define our PRODUCT or SERVICE in one sentence? How exactly does it helps to solve the clients PAIN?
Please, describe 3-4 BENEFITS. What exactly it gives the client (only facts and figures)?
Which CALL TO ACTION should be used?
What CONTACTS should we show in the final screen?
Please, write down your brand slogan or describe in a few words the MAIN MESSAGE of the video:
Details of narration:
What would be the LANGUAGE of our video?
What would be DURATION of our video?
Please, choose the video format:
Link of your website
Please, share your REFERENCE (one video or image)?
Where you prefer to COMMUNICATE?
Fill information:
And we will collect you the nearest time :)