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In the era of information, it is vital for companies to stand out. Animation is a powerful way to express yourself, which helps to stand out in the advertising "haystack".
Any text, presentation and complex numbers - it is better to show it in the form of an animation clip. It is catchy, increases viewing time and is better remembered.
According to Forbes, the animation format helps a business increase its revenue by 49%. Giants like Coca - Cola and Red Bull have long used animation in their advertising campaigns.
PIZZA CAT. The goal - is a short promotional video for their delivery.
BLOCKCHAIN ​​UA. The goal - is to present the event-forum.
VISOTSKY CONSULTING. The goal - is to present the company's services.

SEND PULSE. The goal - is an image video about the company and its services.
TicketForIvent. The goal - is to explain the services and benefits of the company.
ProstirEdnosti. The goal - is an advertising video for finding clients.
We mount the final version and deliver it to the client.
6. The video is ready
We are finalizing the video taking into account the wishes and comments of the client.
5. Making edits
We force the pictures to move and mount a complete video.
4. Animating
We agree on the style and draw a storyboard.
3. Draw illustrations
Create voiceover text and record professional voiceover.
2. Writing the script
We analyze the target audience and highlight the key advantages of the product / service / company.
1. sTUDY the product
Still hesitant?
Fill out a short brief and get a free script and the cost of its implementation.


Fill out a short brief and get a free script and the cost of its implementation.

Your name:
Your phone number:
Name of your company / project:
Site address or page in social. networks:
What is the desired video length:
What exactly will the video be about:
What is the main task of the video:
How long does it take to create an animated video?
The estimated duration of creating an animated video up to 60 seconds is 16 working days.
What is included in the cost of creating a video?
We create turnkey animation videos, so the cost includes absolutely everything, namely:

- writing the narrator's text;
- professional voice-over reading;
- creation of illustrations;
- animation;
- video editing in Full HD or 4K quality.
What materials and information do I need to create a video?
o create a video, we need the following materials:

- completed brief;
- vector logo (formats: * ai, * cdr, * svg);
- corporate colors (codes: RGB, CMYK);
- corporate fonts;
- contacts for the last frame.
What payment methods are there?
There are such options:

- to the current account (for legal entities and sole proprietorship within Ukraine);
- to our foreign currency accounts according to the invoice (USD, EUR, RUR);
- to a corporate bank card in hryvnia;
- through the PaySend service (from different parts of the world);
- liquid cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT);
- money transfers (MoneyGram or Westrn Union).
What if I don't like it?
This is simply not possible. We agree with you on all the main points in the process of creating an animated video (text, voice of the announcer, stylistics and references), so you will get exactly what you need. If, nevertheless, this happens, we are guaranteed to refund you 100% of the funds.
How many edits can I make to the finished video?
Upon receipt of the first beta version, you can make one free revision of the edits (a list of comments and wishes with an unlimited number of points). Edits that come out with the frame of one edition, as well as changes to the previously agreed text of the speaker, are paid additionally.

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